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Understanding the interconnectedness of everything,
and believing every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings, we equip the community to help heal God's Creation.
We do this through worship, study, prayer, planning and action.


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During this Season of Creation we are recommitting ourselves to changes that will dissolve barriers between, and create connections among all of God's creations.

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Micah Krey

Pastor Micah Krey

Pastor of Faith Lutheran Evangelical Church
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Through God’s unconditional love, we build community.

. . . how radical would it be if we valued everyone's life regardless of work or productivity in a manner that they could not only survive but thrive? . . .

Pastor Micah is a recovering alcoholic who started his path of recovery in November 2014. His recovery was only possible because of his family, friends, and the church who walked with him through the journey. They helped him stay safe and always remember he was loved. Since then his call to ministry and recovery are deeply interwoven. His experience of death and resurrection are a story he shares, to help others in their recovery, see the love of God in their lives.


Welcome, one and all!


Hide yourself in God, so when someone wants to find you they will have to go there first.

"Such a welcoming, supportive group of caring people of God!  Uplifting!"

noreen walker

"I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during worship at Faith - it's a calming yet energizing feeling to bond with fellow worshipers in praise and thanksgiving to an awesome God!"

Susan Meier

"We are blessed to have Pastor Micah. I love to see the positive energy in the congregation."

Maryellen Reek

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