Faith E-News: Update on New Mission Statement and Pet Blessing Event Date Change

September 6, 2022

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Hide yourself in God, so when someone wants to find you they will have to go there first.

Faith E-News: Special Congregation Meeting on November 13, Adopt a Family Project, and Welcome to New Members

In our gospel lesson, Jesus offers blessings and woes. Yet we may be surprised to find out that it is the poor, the hungry, and those who weep that Jesus calls blessed. Those who are seemingly content will also have a reversal and experience the woes that others have now. We come to worship grateful that God lifts up the lowly and those who call out to him.


Faith E-News: Christmas Decoration Exchange Sunday and Padonia Food drive deadline on December 4

In our gospel lesson, John appears in the wilderness and calls for his listeners to make the path straight for the Lord. People come out to the wilderness to find out more. How do we prepare the way? As we read further we note that people were being baptized and confessing their sins. Come to worship to prepare our hearts to make way for our Lord. Come and be grateful for our baptism and forgiveness as gifts of grace from God.


Faith E-News: Holiday Decorations Exchange and Donation Opportunities

In our gospel lesson, Jesus compares his return to that time before the great flood. People were living unaware and unprepared to meet God's judgment. Yet even as Jesus describes how some will join him and some will not, we take heart. Jesus' return is not the destruction of the world, this is the restoration of it. We come to worship, not knowing when he is coming but grateful that he promises that he is.