Online Worship - September 27th, 2020

September 27, 2020

Worship on Sunday, September 27th at 10 am

Watch again! We invite you to tune in to Faith's Facebook page or YouTube channel at your convenience (by clicking the buttons below). The worship service contains spirit-led preaching and beautiful music. Our Virtual Choir led us in music and Pastor Sarah preached on what it means to walk the talk.

The scriptures for the day, communal prayers, and words for the hymns are displayed so you can participate as you watch.

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Our Offerings

In light of the suspension of in-person worship, we wanted to make our members aware of ways to support Faith Lutheran during this time. Our offerings continue to support the ministry of Faith Lutheran Church. We understand that many of your financial situation may impacted by this pandemic, but if you are able, please prayerfully consider continuing your regular offerings to Faith during this time so that we can sustain that ministry. You can give on our website, on Facebook, or mail in your checks (mailbox is checked regularly).

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Hide yourself in God, so when someone wants to find you they will have to go there first.

Sunday Worship - September 19th

This week in our Gospel, Jesus teaches the disciples about what greatness looks like in our faith. So, we will hear about how we are called to serve one another and see God in one another.

Faith Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship - September 12th

In today's Gospel we hear Jesus talking with disciples about what it means to be the Messiah. And we also remember the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Faith Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship - September 5th

This week in our Gospel we hear of Jesus' encounter with the Syrophoenician woman who changes the course of Jesus' ministry and in turn, opens our hearts and minds to the ministry that we are called to as well.

Faith Lutheran Church