Sunday Worship - July 11th

July 10, 2021

Faith Worship - July 11th, 2021 at 10 am

Pastor Micah's message this week: we pause from journeying with Jesus to hear about the martyrdom of John the Baptist. This pause gives us a chance to hear about who John was, what message he was sharing, and why he is so important to the story of Jesus. Our livestreamed worship service can be viewed anytime by clicking on this YouTube link: (image credit: Illustration 175827600 © Artinspiring |

View at 10 AM Sunday (or anytime after).

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Hide yourself in God, so when someone wants to find you they will have to go there first.

Faith E-News: New Mission Statement and Upcoming Sermon Series

In this Sunday scripture reading the church leaders are upset that Jesus is associating with "tax collectors and sinners." They missed the amazing miracle right in front of them. Those tax collectors and sinners were coming close to Jesus, they were listening to him. Jesus gives an interesting response. He talks about the extreme joy that a shepherd has over finding a lost sheep and the reaction of a woman finding her silver coin. In each instance, they tell everyone of their success and celebrate to the extreme.


Faith E-News: Back to School Blessing and AED Training

Our scriptures this Sunday ask us to choose. Choose freedom so you can serve others. Choose to love God so much that your love for others is akin to hate. Choose to give up your possessions to take the cross. We can think of all of this as an impossible challenge until we look again at Jesus and realize he did all of this for us. We can let go of good blessings, trusting the greater love and joy of God. Let us come to worship with grateful and generous hearts and choose to be like Jesus.


Faith E-News: Update on New Mission Statement and Pet Blessing Event Date Change

This Sunday, our scripture looks at how we treat one another, even during a meal together. Jesus reminds the guests to humbly take the lower seat, putting others first as he has. He talks about how the host will see and lift up those who don't try to take the places of honor. We have to wonder then if Jesus, with an exquisite sense of humor, sat in the lowest seat in the room and waited to see the host's response. Time and time again Jesus reminds us that he is the perfect Host, the one who sees those who others don't and gives them his attention. Let's humbly praise God for inviting us to his table, for serving us the meal we cannot repay.