Sunday Worship - October 10th

October 10, 2021

Faith Worship - 10 October 2021 at 10 am

This week in our Gospel, Jesus is asked by one individual “What must be done to inherit eternal life” and Jesus responds with a hard answer: To go and sell all of his possessions, give the money to the poor and to follow him and the disciples. Today’s text is challenging for us to hear individually, but in it, there is abundant life to be found in the community of God.

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Hide yourself in God, so when someone wants to find you they will have to go there first.

Faith E-Letter November 23rd

This upcoming Sunday we move through thanksgiving to Advent. Our scriptures give us images of Jesus returning so even as we celebrate his birth we are even more focused and grateful for his promised return. Jesus reminds us of various signs that are troubling yet lets us know that we are to act in stark contrast to fearful times.


Faith E-Letter November 18th

We celebrate Christ the King Sunday as we finish our liturgical year and get ready for a new year in Advent. Our Gospel lesson this Sunday lifts up the royalty of Jesus, who is a king who is not from our world, but from heaven. We are called to recognize him and seek the truth of his life, death, and resurrection for us as he calls us to him.


Sunday Worship - November 14th

This week we hear about Jesus predicting the destruction of the great buildings in Jerusalem. After hearing of that tragedy, the disciples questioned when all this would happen. In this scene, Jesus reminds us where our focus should remain, even in times of trouble, and that he will always be with us until the end.

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